Sunday, January 13, 2013

2013 - The Year of Bringing Bayfield Home

Without a doubt, I am too stressed when I begin to daydream about selling our home and moving north to Bayfield where we would grow sunflowers, raise alpaca, and write.  Yes, it is my litmus test for stress.  When those ideas pop into my daily thoughts, I must recognize that the stress meter for life has gone into the red zone.  Time for action.  And that is what happened just before my last post. the one where I declared a break from blogging here on Frugal Upside.  Life was way too stressful.

M. Gustafson Gervasi, 2012 -- view from Madeline Island (Bayfield)

Why Bayfield?  It is our annual summer vacation spot.  And with it comes several days of joy and beauty.  Even if the weather is cold and rainy or hot and buggy, what happens in Bayfield always seems magical.  And so it naturally flows that when life gets hard, my brain starts conjuring up scenarios of year round bliss by moving to Bayfield.

Thankfully I also know that such a move would likely be superficial.  Moving locations never really changes anything. It is moving one's behavior that is key to change.  And with that I know that what we need is to bring the feeling of Bayfield home with us, not making our home in Bayfield.  The expression "what happens in Vegas stays in Vegas" comes to mind as I write tonight.  But I don't want what happens in Bayfield to stay there. Nope, we need the following in our everyday lives:

  • exploring nature;
  • home cooked, fresh meals;
  • adventures in art and culture;
  • locomotion without the automobile, and
  • a simplicity approach to life.
Longtime readers of Frugal Upside might recognize these themes as they are not really new to me.  But I enter this new year with a more mindful approach to embracing them in every day life, not saving them for days set aside for vacation.  While I will still post about frugal ways to spend money, my focus in the near future will be about the bigger picture. Frugality is the efficient expenditure of money, but also of time, of one's life.  

And I have a special thank you to extend to regular readers.  Since taking a pause from writing Frugal Upside, I have heard from several you about how you have followed this blog.  Those comments really warmed my heart and encouraged me to post again.  Since my focus is on keeping stress as low as possible, my posts will be irregular.  I may post several days in a row or only once or twice a month.  Life will dictate, but please follow along as I am back in posting mode.  And I have made leaving a comment much easier since hearing that people had problems posting.  Please be kind in your comments, both to me and other readers.  If they are not kind, they will be deleted as there is too much negativity in the world in my opinion.

Thanks, and my your 2013 be filled with joy and wonder.


  1. I promise to be kind. Thank you for this morning's presentation, Melinda. Jean

    1. Jean - Wow that was fast! Thanks for your words Sunday, and it was a very fun group to speak to. Have a great week. -Melinda