Wednesday, January 16, 2013

Day of Rest...

Do you ever have moments when you feel as though The Universe is trying to tell you something?  I do.  At least lately I have.  The message coming through is -- Melinda you need to make room for rest in your life.

First, last night I was reading bedtime stories to the kids.  One book was a simplified version of Laura Ingalls Wilder's Little House in the Big Woods.  The author describes Ma's work philosophy -- there is a day for each job: Wash on Monday; Iron on Tuesday.....Bake on Saturday; and rest on Sunday.  Hmmmm, rest doesn't that seem like a nice idea.  And then on I went with reading stories.

Second, today I found a post on Facebook about a new book called 24/6.  Written by an author it advocates that Americans reclaim a day of rest.  Sunday or whatever day works, and with it will come decreased cases of depression, etc.  Intrigued I clicked on the full article.  Immediately I focused on the picture.  Wow, she is in PJs, with feet up, reading the paper.  That looks soooo luxurious!  I'd love more of that!

And it hit me.  This fits into my efforts to bring more of what we have in Bayfield (annual trip) home.  Yes, a day for rest.  That is what we need.  Being who I am, an extreme Type A, I immediately began circulating "days" in my mind.  Monday - Saturday really won't work because my husband works those days.  Without him it would be hard to have a true feeling of rest for our little home.  Of course there is the traditional Sunday, but we try more often than not to attend services at our UU Church (Prairie here in Madison). And when you are taking our young kids to church, well it is not a day of rest.  And with that I am out of days.  What to do, what to do?

Some may scratch there head in wonder at this post.  Rest, why that is so easy to fit in?  However, our house falls more into the category of Busy Backsoon as described in Benjamin's Hoff's book The Tao of Pooh.  Not something I am proud of, but something I recognize and accept.  Maybe an entire day of rest is simply not practical at this stage in our life?  Maybe I can create a hybrid approach?  I already have a rule that I will not do housework after 6:30pm.  If the house is not relatively tidy at the time, then that is it.  I will handle the mess in the morning.  Maybe declaring a few blocks of time every day for rest will be more obtainable?

Time will tell.  For now I am busy working on being a little bit less of a Busy Backsoon and a little bit more like Pooh Bear.  If you live a life more like Pooh and have tips, please share.  I have requested the above mentioned book from the library and am eager to read the doctor's advice.  It seems natural that from constant 24/7 lives flows not only depression, but over consumption, isolation, waste, etc.  With slowing down, doing less, I hope to walk a little easier on the earth, save a bit of money, and improve my health.

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