Saturday, January 19, 2013

Frugal for a Purpose -- I Want to Travel the World

Today, during a first attempt at taking a "day of rest" I shared images from a favorite blog of mine (The Other Side of the Ocean) with my children.  Not only did they learn about mosques, see images of homes so different than their own, but a spark of desire to travel was lit.  My four year old said, I want to travel the world!  To which I responded, so do I and I want you to come with me.  It is this desire, to travel, and travel far and wide, that helps me maintain a frugal lifestyle in a modern culture of consume, consume, and consume some more.

Young children and self-employment have grounded our travel plans of late.  There have been a few trips north to Bayfield (6 hour drive, each way), a trip to Door County back in 2009 when there was only my son, and occasional day trips to Milwaukee.  But this Spring will bring a return to airports, car rentals, and luggage.  Tickets are purchased for an adventure in Washington, D.C., a city I called home for several years in the mid-1990s.  Among the many reasons to travel, the foremost is it is home to a dear friend, the sister I never had.  We'll spend a few days with her and her family, tour some select sites, and get our feet wet as a traveling family of four.  The list of future trips is already in my mind, each year getting a bit more challenging.  Time will tell if we advance enough to be able to make a trip in a few years to the same dear friends, who will have been transferred to Guam thanks to the Department of Defense.

So, as I navigate daily life, making choices between frugal or not, I will call up this song in my mind.  I want my kids to see the Eiffel Tower on a Paris night.  I have, and it was well worth cutting coupons, saying no to the latest gadget, and eating in.

What motivates your frugal living?  Post a comment, I'd love to know.

As for the day of rest, it went well even though we observed it while my husband was at work.  Very low key day.  Stayed in PJs until just before lunch, avoided laundry and other household chores except washing the dishes and cleaning off the table.  Meals were very simple, mainly various leftovers.  We left the house (which when you have young children takes 30 minutes for snow pants, mittens, boots, hats, etc) only to walk to Garner Park.  There we found turkey tracks, made snow angels and bet Mr. Bob the one-eyed dog out for a walk.  The end of the day was about snuggling to watch PBS videos on-line, read books, build with  blocks and listen to the arctic air blow into the region (tomorrow's high forecast to be 14, today it was 40).  Not bad for a first try, and so enjoyable I plan to make a routine out of it!

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  1. Travel. Without doubt. I save all that I can so that I can get up and go.

    You will have wonderful years on the road as a foursome. I can tell.