Friday, February 1, 2013

Frugal Food - Tackling the Freezer Foods

Longtime readers will remember all of those farmers' market trips I made last season.  Most of the purchases were prepared and placed in our chest freezer in the garage.  And this week I've been pulling out packets, from which dinner emerges.  It is a great way to eat local in the winter, keep life simple, and put healthy food on the table.  And when you are as sick as I have been this week (age 39 with an ear infection, as does our son), healthy, simple meals are essential.

Thursday's dinner was cream of asparagus soup, couscous, and turkey burgers.  The asparagus had been pureed this past Spring.  All I did was melt butter, add flour, add in 2 bouillon cubes, 3 cups of water, diced scallions (also from our freezer), simmer, and then add 1 cup whole milk.  I was out of boxed broth and very pleased with the water bouillon substitute.  I opted for whole milk because I had it in the fridge for making homemade ice cream (more on that in later posts).

Dessert was pumpkin scuffins (think a scone meets a muffin).  Pumpkin (from the freezer), leftover oatmeal, and almond meal make these suitable for a quick breakfast as well.  I've blogged about my recipe in the past; hit the link for previous posts.

Battling sickness in our family for the past three weeks has thrown our grocery and meal preparation totally out of wack.  Sadly, some items have went from fridge to trash or compost.  I am doing the best I can to salvage what we have to minimize the waste.  And that freezer of ours is way to full.....lots more meals to come before the new market season starts in April.

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