Friday, March 29, 2013

Frugal Home Haircuts

It was time.  Bangs were in their eyes.  Hairdos rivaled that of Einstein.  My children were in need of a haircut.  So I had to decide, break out the home scissors or take them to a "salon" with a coupon.  The later is the choice de jour among many parents these days.  There is even a full function salon for girls at Hilldale mall.  I shutter to think of the prices! My frugal ways prevailed, and the kitchen became salon.

Water bottle, comb, hair cutting scissors, a towel over the shoulder.  Clip, clip, snip, snip.  Done in under 15 minutes.  Do they look like models for GAP Kids?  No.  But it is not that far off from the last salon cut they received.  No need to waste fuel and drive to a mall, which is full of other expenditure temptations.

And the ultimate frugal kids have awesome college savings accounts because of our frugal choices.  From thrift store clothing to home cooked meals to a schedule free of "lessons" to home hair cuts, we avoid spending here and there.  And more importantly, those could have been expenditures are tucked away in various savings mechanisms.

As I swept up the mess I half joked....home hair cuts today mean when you are in college, and really care about your appearance, you'll be able to afford a salon cut.

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