Thursday, March 21, 2013

Frugal Living: Beauty School Drop Out

Yesterday morning was typical at our house.  The morning sandwiched between my too afternoons and evenings of client meetings, we opt to stay home, in PJs, just relaxing.  On the stereo was a CD I found at the library, it was the soundtrack to the musical Greese.  As the song Beauty School Drop Out belted out of the speakers, two thoughts sprang to my frugal mind.

One, I love the library!  Thanks to its endless supply of CDs, my daughter and son are being exposed to countless musical styles.  As a result, I do not sign them up for baby / toddler music classes.  Wonderful in theory, not the perfect fit for us in practice.  My work schedule is tight, and shifting from mom role to lawyer role at break neck speed most days, I keep our "classes" to a near minimum, preferring to sign and dance in the comfort of my living room while watching birds forage for seeds in our backyard.  Doesn't cost a penny, keeps my stress low, and requires no extra car trips, etc.

And two, I've never updated my readers on the beauty school perm I got last summer.  It was the solstice, just before we drove north to Bayfield for our annual trip.  In an effort to put some body in my limp hair, I got a perm at the Aveda Beauty School on campus.  Overall, it was a good move.  My hair was crazy curly for a while, but full of body.  I have received only one hair cut since, around the winter holidays.  Low maintenance at home, no expensive trips to the salon, no need to hire someone to watch my children or have my husband miss work, its a win win in my frugal book.  And the body in the hair is still strong.

A life with thoughtful and wise expenditures that are kind to the earth, my body, and my wallet -- that is the goal of my frugal adventures.  Thoughts and suggestions are always welcome so leave a comment and share.

Oh, and happy Spring 2013.  For those is cold and snowy Madison, I leave you with this....greener warmer days will return...eventually!

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