Tuesday, March 12, 2013

Thrift Shop -- now a hit song!

Ever heard of Macklemore?  I hadn't....until my husband shared his song about thrift store shopping with me on YouTube.  You should write a post about this!  And the idea went into the mental file of things to do when I have time.  And then time marched on.

Tonight I found this piece on Macklemore and his viral hit in a newsletter.  I love the message and story behind this song, even though I never listen to pop music on the radio (it's either NPR or country for me these days.....or toddler CDs).  I can't help but wonder, is a new generation emerging who really care about consumer impact on the earth and personal budgets?  This man grew up thrifting.  What will my kids take into adulthood from our frugal home?  At age 4 my son has already expressed a desire to drive less because "it is better for the rainforests".  Frugal living -- the end results are limitless!

So if anyone gives you a hard time about being frugal, tell them it is hip.

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