Tuesday, April 9, 2013

Brown Bagging It!

My black and red "brown bag".  Note the tupperware -- why buy when you can reuse deli containers!

Here is my approach to brown bagging it.  My work hours are not conventional.  Two days a week I leave the house before my family is awake, and return just after lunch time.  The other two I leave just after lunch and work until the sun is down, sometimes quite late.  And bringing food is essential mainly because I have such a tight meeting schedule there is no slack time to "grab food" in between meetings.  Last Friday was an exception.  We had just returned from vacation and I was slated to work a solid 6 or 7 hours before heading to a family funeral (my husband's grandmother passed away while we were in DC).  With only a few meetings and mainly paperwork to review, I walked over to the grocery to get something from the salad bar.  The Chinese food caught my attention instead.  Not until the self-check out told me the total was $12.35 did I realize just how expensive it was.  And sadly, it didn't taste that great.  So as we continue in frugal overdrive here, I have recommitted myself to brown bagging food.  Staples include:

  • apple or banana;
  • whole grain crackers;
  • cheese;
  • nuts; and
  • a thermos of black coffee (no milk, which as cut down on the gallons of organic milk we buy each week).
What about you fellow brown baggers?  What do you like that is portable, healthy, and does not require a fridge or microwave (both are currently non-existent at my office, something that will hopefully change this summer as I look for bargains when the college kids move out).

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