Monday, April 29, 2013

City of Madison Competition to Reduce Household Waste!

Each week the order of service at Prairie Unitarian Society contains a Green Note.  This past Sunday it pointed out that reports the average person throws out 1500 pounds of trash every year.  But with composting that number could be reduced to 375 pounds!

For those living in Madison, Wisconsin who are not yet composters or enthusiastic recyclers, might a reward tempt you to reduce what ends up in the dump?  City Officials believe so, and have launched a competition to see who can reduce waste the most.  Sadly our household does not qualify; we already to both composting and recycling.  But if you don't and want to give it a try, prizes are involved.  Details are on this news posting.

Happily I can report that my feet carried me to my office this morning, not my car.  Frugal transportation, either via bike or foot, is an area that our household can improve on.  No competition is going on, or at least not one I've heard of.

Thanks for reading, and have a great week enjoy the upside of a frugal life!

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