Monday, April 15, 2013

Culver's Coupons!

Image by M. Gustafson Gervasi, 2013

Do you like Culver's Frozen Custard?  Do you have small children who enjoy reading?  If so, you have a perfect combination on your hands if you are in the Madison area and it is still April 2013.  Why?  During the month of April, if your children draw an image from a favorite book and turn it in to the librarian, the librarian will hand you a coupon for a free dish of frozen delight from Culver's.

We stumbled upon this free treat last week when exploring the coloring section of our local library.  And wow were my children happy.  The coupons are tucked safely in my wallet, and will be pulled out on a day when were are out and about, close to a Culver's, and in need of a tasty treat.  Plus, it gives reading just one more boost on the enjoyment scale for kids.  My daughter drew a rainbow from her favorite story, Elmer and the Lost Colors, and my son drew a tree and bear that he associates with Winnie the Pooh.

Now the key will be to redeem these coupons without spending money.  I know I can go and leave with a $1 coffee for me.  If my husband is along for the ride, the bill will go up a bit.  So, this will be used for a day when it is adventures with Mama.

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  1. The Culver's near Fish Hatch and the Beltline often has a special treat-of-the-day for $1. Might not break the bank to bring your husband for that one :)

    1. True, but he'd consume more than just a $1 dish of custard. In fact, he doesn't even like custard that much. Instead he'd get a huge coffee ice cream drink and a burger. Easily $10. When it comes to junk food, he is not nearly as frugal as I am ;)