Monday, April 22, 2013

Earth Day Trek!

Happy Earth Day my dear readers!  Frugal living goes hand in hand with an Earth friendly lifestyle -- what is good for your wallet, is often good for your budget!  So, how did you spend this day?

Mine got off to an early start of legal work, a literal flurry of calls, clients, and papers.  Frugal both at home and at the office, I took notes on the backside of discarded sheets of paper.  Water the geraniums that grace my office window, which last summer beautified my backyard at home.  Sadly my commute to work required a vehicle; meetings started too early and ran too late for me to work in the 30 minute walk each way.  Something bothered me throughout the day.

After my morning of work in the office, I changed into mom mode and cared for our children this afternoon.  And our big task was to find a "new" bike stroller.  Our first one, which we found for $50 on Craiglist about 2 years ago had broken beyond repair.  Without it, options of walking to the grocery store or library were gone.  We needed a new one.  There were some on-line options, but we hesitated to purchase something like a bike stroller / jogger without touching it first.  Once again we turned to Craigslist, and there it Verona A Trek Deluxe in need of a new family.  They were asking $250, but took $200 cash.   A lot more than we paid for the Pacific Cycle one we first bought, but in far better condition.  Our hope is to get another two years of use with the kids, and then have it as a trailer for the bike to use on library and grocery rides.

While in Verona we stopped at our all time favorite library, and once again left with a bag so heavy I feared the canvas would break before getting to the car.  Books!  I love them, my husband loves them, and our two kids love them.  We can indulge their every whim on varied topics, and not pay a cent.  From books about sea life, to air craft, to Winnie the Pooh, they are entertained and amassing quite a vocabulary.  If you are frugal, I hope you have a library card!

Dinner was crockpot chicken paired with a variety of leftovers from the fridge.  Afterwards we embraced the balmy 65 degree weather and took the backyard.  My kids tug, gathered sticks, examined a fuzzy caterpillar, spotted budding flowers, and helped me empty the compost bucket.  After an hour they were muddy, tired, and ready for some cuddle time with library books in PJs.  Quite the low-key, low-impact day.  Perfect for Earth Day, and the other 364 days of the year.

Thanks for reading, and I'd love to read comments on how you celebrated Mother Earth.  I'll leave you with a YouTube Hymn of a favorite song of mine, one UUs sing every Sunday around Earth Day.

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