Friday, April 26, 2013

Frugal in the Garden

Spring has finally sprung here in Madison, and this afternoon the kids and I took our frugal ways to the yard. Raking away last falls leaves from the flower beds, and dumping them into our every growing compost pile.  Once removed we found a patch of day lilies smack in the middle of the berry patch.  Perfect for transplanting to the front yard.

My four year old son gets orders from mom to dig, he was in heaven!

A much improved front yard in my opinion.....who wants grass you have to mow when you can have blooms and flying friends.  
Bird feeders and baths to be added this summer.

Plants are pricey, something I learned last summer.  On a trip to the Flower Factory I saw how much day lilies can cost, and vowed to never purchase any, but rather transplant.  Whomever lived in our house before had a think for day lilies (probably because the critters appear to leave them alone, selecting to chomp down our tulips instead).  So up them came.  And later tonight, after dinner (which is cooking while I type), I will relocate them to the front yard.

And here it is, in its latest phase.  Add mulch and things look so much better.  The entire area in the front was covered by our landscaper for $65.  It would have taken us a long time to do what they did in under an hour.  Longtime readers may recall how last fall I covered this section of lawn with leaves.  I decided to work with the drought and kill off part of the lawn.  Now covered with mulch, it would turn into a lovely garden this summer.  Gone is the need to mow, and hopefully it is a home to some perennial fruits and vegetables we plan to plant in its midst.

Tomorrow's agenda calls for a stop at Johannsen's Greenhouse here in Madison (high quality plants, very informed staff, and a loyalty card make them a stop for this frugal gardener).  I called ahead and they have asparagus buds ready for planting.  It will take a few years before we can harvest, but a few plants will go in this weekend.  I also plan to pick up some geraniums and new this year, pansies (thanks to my fellow blogger on The Other Side of the Ocean) I have learned that these hardy annuals flower from Spring until Fall, assumes critters don't turn them into dinner.  Fingers crossed for some lovely color over the next few months.

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