Sunday, April 21, 2013

Market Day Arrived!

Yesterday took me downtown, for work.  There I was with my briefcase, pearl necklace and overcoat.  But before checking in at the speaking event I was signed up to give, I made an efficient run off the downtown Madison Farmers' Market.

The temperatures were not above 40, maybe even 35.  Vendors were bundled, breath was visible, and yet I was one among many.  As I drove into the parking ramp I wondered, what might the farmers possibly have to sell?  We've had flurries in recent days, where is Spring?  But to my delight I found numerous fresh and local options.  I left with a bag of organic sweet potatoes ($5), a bag of spinach, a cilantro plant for the kitchen, and a free Farm Fresh Atlas.  My hope is the atlas will provide for some fun and frugal food outings this summer -- lists and lists of pick-yourself farms, etc.

First haul of 2013 Farmers' Market Season, M. Gustafson Gervasi, 2013

Spring spinach graced our Saturday evening meal as well as Sundays.  The first was steamed, and I kept the water which will re-emerge later this week in a soup of some sort.  My freezer still has some frozen preserves from the last market season, but just a few, mainly fruits that won't be available for a few months.  This week was for pure immediate consumption, but as soon as I spot local asparagus, I'll be back into "fill the freezer" mode.

Tomorrow marks another Earth Day -- how will you observe?  A publication for the school our children are slated to attend has a flier that says "every day is Earth Day here". I kind of feel that way about our home.  Living a frugal life is not only wise for your budget, but generally coincides with treading lightly on the Earth.  Not always, but most of the time.  As we prepare to slide into another week of intense professional and parenting obligations, I pause to think, what can we do tomorrow that is just a bit more kind to the Earth.  I'm still pondering.  But that is what a hot cup of tea and dark nights are for.  Check in tomorrow and see what happened.  And feel free to leave a comment if you have suggestions or know how you plan to mark Earth Day 2013.

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