Wednesday, April 24, 2013

There Goes the Newspaper, and Other Frugal Moves

I did it, today I pulled the plug on our newspaper subscription.  I adore the news, and often read stories aloud to the kids.  But thanks to smartphones, I usually see the headlines before going to the end of the drive to pick up the paper.  And the amount that goes to recycling is absurd, especially considering that when life is busy I don't read the paper.  And life has been busy.  So today I pulled the plug, and am looking forward to the $135 refund that is on its way.  It covers nearly all of the cost of our "new" jogger.

We did opt to spend money on mulch, something we'd considered getting for free and doing ourselves.  But when priced, I opted to hire out.  For $65 the mulch as delivered and spread.  Far less than us trying to transport free mulch, spread, and then clean out the car.  And with a small Honda, more than one trip would have been required. Time, gas, cleaning....the frugal choice was the professional.  On the flip side, we are going to clean the gutters ourselves this Spring.  Thanks to our neighbor, who lent us his extension ladder, it is something we can do when home with the kids.  Savings....$85.

And on a final frugal note, I was tickled pink today when the kids got into the dress up basket.  Pirates, bees, owls, and an astronaut outfits from Halloweens past emerged into creative and fun new attire this morning.  Having purchased some costumes, I am glad I keep them out and accessible for play.  It may be April, but bring on the costumes!

What was your frugal move of the day?

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