Friday, May 17, 2013

A Frugal Garden....The Story Continues.

Loyal readers will recall a recent post about curb karma -- put something out for another to take, and all of a sudden something appears in your path.  The magic struck again when out for a walk last week.  My daughter grabbed my hand and said "let's walk, girl time!".  So we did, and she led the way.  And to our delight we found a plastic bag with FREE on it....two peony plants in need of a new garden home.  Smiling, we picked them up, and yesterday they were planted in our front yard.  One that is evolving from suburban grass to a perennial wonderland.

We also decided to give vegetables another go around this year.  No hope of having a garden we sustain ourselves off of, but rather a lesson for the children in botany, science, and the simple fact that food comes from a place other than the grocery shelves.  This year we have a modest plot -- two pepper plants, two tomato plants, four brussel sprout plants, some melon plants, and future plans to plant lettuce seeds.  Already curious and eager about the plants, I hope it will instill a lifelong respect and taste for fresh vegetables.   Our plants were purchased at a greenhouse with a coupon; $10 off a $20 or more purchase.  Perfect!  Stay tuned to see if the critters consume them first.

If they grow it, will they eat it?  A brussel srpout takes hold in our garden.

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  1. If you need a bit of chicken wire to keep bunnies off your veg, let me know; I have some extra. Or you could call Wallace & Gromit ;)