Monday, May 27, 2013

A Frugal Memorial Day Here

Memorial Day is set aside as a day to honor and remember those men and women who lost their lives as members of the American Armed Forces.  Typical public honors include flags, ceremonies, parades and the like.  We debated how we would recognize the day, wanting it to be more than a day to grill out, and use it as a teachable moment for the children.

After a very lazy morning of coffee and kids playing in the rain out back, we loaded up the bikes to run errands.  First to the library where we returned books, DVDs and music.  Libraries should be a cornerstone in any frugal lifestyle -- why pay when you can borrow for nothing!  Next it was down the road to a neighbor's house who had rhubarb for the taking.  Upon opening her chest freezer she discovered the crop from last year was still there, and there was no room for this year's crop.  We gladly accepted her bag -- what would have cost me $12 or more at the farmer's market.  We made a short stop at the park for play and a snack.  And then it was off to Office Depot.  Knowing a new computer was in my near future I took advantage of their Memorial Day sale.  Combined with $14 in coupons and my new 1% cash back credit card, it was a frugal purchase of the office.

All done by bike.  The clouds threatened rain, but we did not stay home. We did not pile into the Honda.  We rode.  Taking care of the Earth and country so many have fought and died for, stewardship.  Not the type of Memorial Day for many.  A different take on the upside of frugal living -- it's a lifestyle that respects all those who fought for the freedom we enjoy.

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