Tuesday, May 7, 2013

Curb Karma

Image by M. Gustafson Gervasi, 2013 -- Random shot, taken at Flower Factory.  
I'd love one of these for our yard...might one turn up on the curb needing a coat of blue paint?

You've likely heard of Karma -- following as effect from cause.  Have you heard of Curb Karma?  It's a phrase that popped into my mind this week.  While walking to work last week I found, on the curb, a perfectly fine garden pole for bird feeders or plants, and it is now front and center in my frugal garden makeover.  Over the weekend we cleaned out our garage, and I placed a car jack that had come with the house at the curb.  Functional but not needed, it found a new home.  So it seems like karma to me that as I walked home yesterday, what should I find but a few discarded planters that will perfect for a potted veggie garden we plan to plant this weekend.  There they were, sitting on the curb.  To keep the cycle going I opted to give away several baby items instead of attempting to have a garage sale.  I purchased them from garage sales, so the value is minimal. Time is precious, and I'd rather spend my non work hours engaged in easy and fun activities with my husband and children.  Running a garage sale does not fall into that category -- something I have a hard time admitting.  Having been raised on a used car lot, I have to fight my impulse to sell something, even if the time and energy I put into it far exceeds the monetary benefit.  Fighting back the urge, I found a home for the items.....and view it as another attempt to please the Curb Karma Gods.....what might I find next?

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