Saturday, May 11, 2013

Frugal Garden Watering Tips

Image by M. Gustafson Gervasi -- Our 2012 potted garden.  T
he drought and critters did it in, but we are giving it another whirl this year in a new location.

Spring has sprung.  Green envelopes our yards.  The snow (in most parts is gone -- it's still on the ground up in Bayfield).  Spring also brings rain, and we've had our share of it here in Madison.  But soon the cooler temperatures will give way to the dog days of summer, and all that lovely green will start to wilt.  Water, it will need water.  And here are a few frugal thoughts on how to keep the plants going without busting your budget....water does cost money if it comes from the faucet.  Here are my four.

  1. After steaming or boiling food on the stove, set aside the pot and let it cool. Then dump outside on your plants;
  2. Place a bucket in the shower to catch "splash off water" -- not coming off the body, but the water that doesn't even hit you;
  3. Empty the dehumidifier bucket into your garden or direct the drainage hose to a bucket you can carry outside; and
  4. If you have little children who play in a splash pool, empty strategically.....and place the pool near that spot.  Hours of fun for little ones, and oodles of water for your plants.
I know, rain barrels are all the rage.  But they cost some money.  These are basically free options.  One day we'll install a rain barrel, but for this summer these are our go-to water saving methods.

Thanks for reading and have a lovely Spring weekend.

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