Saturday, May 18, 2013

Frugal Living Means Embracing Nature

When a day passes and no vehicle was used for transport, yet we "did" a lot is a banner day here.  And today was a banner day.  In the morning my husband biked to his office, lunch bag and thermos packed.  While he spent a day focused on circuits, the kids and I tackled issues of food and yards.

Snug in their new to us jogger, I pushed and they rode to our local farmers' market.  For the freezer we bought 2 pounds of asparagus as well as another bunch of rhubarb.  Green onions and cheese curds were added to our current menu.  Once home we had a quick lunch (apples, curds, crackers, and a salad for me) and then headed to the back yard.  Out came our push mower, again no gas required.  And then my son and I tackled the chore of digging up the burdock spread throughout the yard.  Hopes dashed that the plant was rhubarb; burdock was leaves that are furry and a stalk that is hollow.  Yep, it was burdock.  Today was one of many that will likely focus on evicting it from our yard.  Mental note to myself, plant rhubarb next season, it is $3 a pound at the market!

In the kitchen leftover pork was turned into a black bean soup.  Asparagus was boiled, pureed, and froze for winter.  My scuffin recipe was introduced to peanut butter with chocolate chips (a winner!).  And again the cheese curds rounded out the evening meal.

As the day worked towards its end, the kids and I took an evening walk.  A new ritual they love, and I adore because no stroller is involved.  Behind our home is a small creek with a bridge.  Both kids enjoy taking a box of crayons, notepads, and backpacks.....they sketch and ask if they look like college kids.  Smiling I tell them, yes and know soon they will be headed off to a college campus.  Then I looked up and saw we were not alone.  In the creek stood a raccoon, watching us.  Delighted, both kids glimpsed this nocturnal neighbor.  After a bit we walked down to the "fallen tree", a huge one brought down by a massive winter storm last December.  And for fifteen minutes the kids experimented with the various sounds different sticks made when hitting the tree.

Nature -- its a delightful was to spend a frugal and rewarding day.

It's your typical suburban neighborhood, but with a curious eye toward nature it can yield hours of frugal fun.

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