Friday, June 28, 2013

Frugal Farmers' Market Tip -- Buy in Bulk

Yesterday afternoon the kids and I ran several errands, all centered around the primary destination.  Fitchburg's evening farmers' market.  It runs from 3-6pm, located under a tent, and offers lovely live music and the best French pastry store this side of the Atlantic -- La Baquette.  It's a drive, but worth it, especially if I work in other errands in the area.

As noted in my previous post, this years freezer strategy is two fold: buy in bulk, and buy it all at one time.  And once again it seems to have worked well.  This week I took Swiss Chard off my to-buy list.  When I asked "do you give a discount if I buy a lot?" the response was "yes, I can do 2 for $10".  So I took $20 worth.  Cleaned, chopped, steamed, and then into freezer bags.  I'll have Swiss Chard for quiche and soups all winter long.  From the rest of the season any that I buy will be for immediate consumption.  It's efficient and seems to stretch the dollar well.

What's your favorite frugal farmer's market tip?

Thursday's purchases -- from fresh berries to cilantro to greens and of course the pain au chocolat (divided three ways between the kids and I)

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