Friday, July 19, 2013

Frugal Cat Lover

It is my pleasure to introduce Ms. Kiki Gervasi, the latest creature to call our house a home.  At five years of age Kiki experienced something far too many animals do; her human suffered a neurological event, one that dashed hopes of independent living.  Suddenly Kiki needed a new plan, and the power of the Universe set her path to our door.

For several months I have been entertaining the idea of adding a new cat to our house.  At 15 and 13 years old, our current cats are doing well.  But, at the last vet visit both had heart murmurs, ones never noted before.  Might this be the time to bring in another, younger cat to keep them active?

It was a Sunday in June that the minister at Prairie UU mentioned Kiki and her need for a new human.  Hmmmm, I wondered, could we?  I posed the question to my husband, expecting a firm "no", with a possible question of my sanity added on.  Instead I got "three cats, two cats, what's the difference?"  Then he asked," what will happen to her if we don't?"  I pounced as only a cat lover can, "well, she'd be taken to the animal shelter....and at 5 years old, in the middle of kitten know, we'd be saving her from kitty death row, and give a cat already there a bi more time."  As his eyes teared up, Kiki secured a new human. She has been with us just about a month now.  Her humans are happy, and have learned a new skill -how to get into the garage without her joining us.  The older cats are a bit disgusted by this young miss of a cat, but there was no real "cat fight".  A growl here, a hiss there, but for the most part the transition went well.

How is this frugal?  Kiki did not cost a penny!  In fact, she came with two scratching posts (approx. value of $100), food, and several toys.  She was spayed and current on vaccinations.  All it took was an open heart, not an open wallet.

If you have room in your heart and home for an animal companion, and you consider yourself frugal, then find that beloved animal through friends, shelters, rescue organizations or a vet.  Why or why pay for a pure-bred animal.  Unless you are gunning for best in show, take the frugal route.  It will warm your heart, save a life, and discourage the dark side of pet for sale businesses.

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