Tuesday, July 16, 2013

Frugal Cooking -- The Art of Leftovers

Yesterdays lunch - made possible by the art of leftover cooking.  The blue plate featured melon chunks and a peanut butter tortilla for my elder child.  The tortilla has 5 grams of fiber, and I find it much easier to work with than traditional sandwich bread.  Sprinkled in is wheat germ.....gobbled up.  The bottom red plate is a variation for my youngest, and featured avocado spread.  It was nearly ready to go from counter to compost, but the spread saved the day.  In the white bowl is an egg salad, using up the last of the hard boiled eggs I had made for my girls weekend fridge.  Added were sliced onion, dill, and mayo.  In the center is our communal family plate, a method I find encourages the kids to grab and try something new.  Included were the remaining breakfast sausage from the morning, cherries, and tomatoes from the plants in our front yard.  Water with ice was added later, and the flowers were picked from our yard.

Leftovers, we all have them.  And all too often then go from fridge to trash without gracing a plate.  To be frugal means to maximize utility, even leftovers.  My obvious go-to is to add them to my husband's lunch bag, but that has its limits.  Be creative, transform, and and enjoy.  Home cooking is fresh, healthy, less expensive than take-out, and easier on our landfills.

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