Sunday, July 21, 2013

Frugal -- It Has Limits!

Quite the frugal day for us.  Church, then the Monona Farmers' Matrket where I turned $25 in Monona Moola dollars (promotional effort by the Chamber of Commerce to get people to spend there) into 3 quarts of blueberries and 10 zucchini.  My husband had purchased them over a year ago when working on-site for a client in Monona.  Not wanting to forget about them or have them expire, it popped into my mind that the vendors at the market would accept them.   A quick email earlier this week to the market manager confirmed that they would accepted. It was a lovely purchase, and reminded me how perfect a Sunday market is for our family schedule.  We'll be back.  Especially when I found a vendor who had iced hibiscus tea flavored with orange and spice -- I'll be attempting a home brew this week.

Berries on cookie tray -- into the freezer, then bagged for scooping into baked goods this coming winter!

My frugal ways met its limit later in the day.  My brain clicked on the fact I had never emptied the shop vacuum after using it to suck up water that came into the basement.  It was 2 weeks ago, and I anticipate a bit of a mess.  What I found was horrific.  Note to self, remove bag before sucking up the water.  Shocked by what I discovered, I stood in the basement for a good minute wondering, should I just clean it?  Reason prevailed and said take it to the curb, a new one is less than $100.  There is mold.  Black water.  Bugs.  Put the time you would have put into cleaning it into my legal work. To the curb it went, a post on Craigslist was made, and it was gone in less than 30 minutes.  Pat on the back to the brave man who scooped it from the curb.  Our replacement was found on Amazon Prime for $60, and will be delivered in 2 days with no shipping fee.  Usually I will salvage items, but not at the risk of my health (I have asthma triggered by mold).  For $60 it's time to get a new one, and Amazon Prime makes the shopping far easier than driving to stores or monitoring Craigslit.

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