Friday, July 5, 2013

In Pictures: A Frugal Trip to Bayfield, Wisconsin

Readers who saw my earlier post today may might have noticed my end note -- our home internet was down, so posting photos was not an option.  We are back on-line, and here are some image highlights from our annual trip to Bayfield, Wisconsin.

First up, the public library.  No admission fee.  Tourists can borrow up to 5 items for 5 days.  An amazing children's section (books, puppets, doll houses, art supplies). And of the off the charts delight, free coffee and cookies.

Here is the building.

The art supplies.

The coffee, cookies, and locals full of tips.

Fresh fish, just off the boat.  I am still enjoying smoked trout that I brought home to Madison.  The storefront.

And the boats at the side.

A new destination this year, further north.  No admission fee.  Nature at its best.

Tupperware and kitchen spoons kept the kids running and playing for a good hour.

While the parents stared into the fog, sipping coffee we brewed back at the condo (complimentary coffee!)

And we all wondered, what made these prints in the shore?  Deer, bear, wolf?

Nature proved once again to be the ultimate playground.  Our daughter fetching water for her "sand cakes".

And our son putting his imagination to excellent use with seaweed.  Forget the toy aisle, let your kids run free in the'll save you money, give new meaning to plants/twigs/sand etc., and stimulate the mind.

And there you have it, summer solstice 2013 on a frugal note.  Our main cost was the condo.  We filled the car up in Madison, and once in Bayfield.  A huge cooler meant little to no grocery purchases, and we avoided the restaurants.  Our 2014 reservation has already been made!

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