Monday, July 15, 2013

When You Pass on Netflix...

"Have you seen ---insert title of recently popular film or movie?"  Upon hearing "no we don't have cable" nearly everyone says "oh, its on Netflix".  A puzzled look shadows their face when they hear "we don't have Netflix either".  Too which I hear, "Oh, it's only about $10 a month, you should get it!"  Sorry, not this frugal family.  Why not?

  1. $10 a month translates into $120 a year.  I could do a lot with $120 a year, and I bet you could too;
  2. Raising kids who spend time outside, exploring, watching the clouds, a not harder to do when endless titles of kids movies and TV shows are a click away;
  3. We already have Amazon Prime.  It offers a nice array of instant shows and movies, plus allows me to shop with no shipping fees for vast list of items.  Shopping from home means no impulse buys, no gas to get to the store, and I can shop when I want - not when store are open;
  4. The library offers countless DVDs, plus books, classes, toys, music, and more.  Also, we routinely take advantage of summer reads programs.  My kids have already earned coupons for free ice cream (at a store we already frequent) as well as passes to Wisconsin State Parks.  We get far more than $10 a month in value by using the library, and my fear is a Netflix subscription would eat away at our trips.
Are you frugal?  To me that means analyzing every purchase.  And yes, even something that is $10 or less.  Especially when it is a sounds cheap, but it really isn't.  At least not in my mind.

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