Saturday, August 3, 2013

Frugal Perennial Vegetable Garden -- Use Barter

 Bag of plants exchanged for bread

My desire is to convert the south facing side of our ranch house from an overgrown bed of weeds to a lush perennial vegetable garden.  This past week my wish converged with two other desires: not to spend much if any money on gardening, and deepen social connections with friends.  As I write tonight I can say, mission accomplished.  Okay, mission underway!

Thanks to Facebook and a post on the church listserve, we now have numerous perennial vegetable plants -- and new friends.  I posted a want for rhubarb in exchange for home baked bread.  One house passed on the bread, and we dug up on rhubarb plant.  The other house gladly accepted the bread, had us over, and sent us off with not only rhubarb but: garlic, oregano, chives, and some ground cover.

Motivated, I hope to continue this model as we aim to expand the garden.  Plants for baked goods, sharing time with neighbors, and next I'll offer up trades -- something I don't have for any of the countless day lillies or hostas that abound in our yard.

Thanks to "the barter" we are achieving several goals, and are falling in love with home gardens.

Home of our garlic plantings

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