Saturday, September 28, 2013

A Day Late: Passing on the Coupon

Friday night usually means pizza night at our house.  Combined with veggies and or fruit, it makes for a simple meal at the end of a work / school week.  As I contemplated an order last night I felt that I had a devil on one shoulder and an angel on the other.  One saying "order it, make life easier!"  The other saying "no, no, you said you didn't want to spend money.  Make something out of what you have, it's work, but you said you wouldn't spend!"

Which voice did I follow?  The one telling me to order the pizza.  Why? To have a frugal life is to pace oneself.  Too intense for too long will result in meltdown down the road.  I called our favorite place, with coupon in hand.  It would have been $15 for a medium pizza, plus tip.  As I called I realized we did not need a medium pizza, a small would suffice and it was $2 less.  Sure, you get more for your money, but did we need more?  No.  I skipped the coupon, got a small sausage pizza and added apples and peas to the plates.

A frugal life does not require you to live "off-the-grid" 24x7.  It does require a pause prior to a purchase, give some thought to what you need, what you want, what your goals are.  Stop, reflect, and make a decision that allows you to be frugal for life, not just a day.

And now we are off to get ready for a science fair on the UW-Madison campus.  We plan to bike down, giving us exercise, no parking fee, and no gasoline use.  Watch for pics and a post later today.

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