Saturday, September 14, 2013

American Players Theater Soup

Every fall for the past few years I have had the pleasure to join approximately 50 women for a catered dinner, drinks, socializing, and viewing an outdoor play at American Players Theater in Spring Green Wisconsin.  Far and away it is one of the best expenditures I make throughout the year, underscoring the premise it pays to buy quality.  I'd take one $50 night a year to five $10 movies anytime.

As we finished up the meal portion of the evening there was a large container of sliced veggies.  If no one claimed it, off to the trash it would go.  Hating to see anything wasted, I scooped it up and deposited into the trunk of my Honda.  In went the veggie, out came my bag with socks, a hat, and blanket -- all aimed to keep me warm enough to enjoy the entire play.  The past two years I'd left early because of the cold, and simply being so tired.  This year would be different.

Thankfully I made it through the entire show, and laughed under the clear star-lite sky.  Upon returning to the car for my drive home, I was reminded of the veggies when I opened the trunk.  Soup!  That is what I'll do with those vegetables: carrots, celery, cauliflower, and broccoli.  Neatly tucked in the fridge tonight, and the container set aside for recycling, I am delighted to have eked so much enjoyment and utility out of the night's expenditure.

Here is what I'll do with those vegetable later this week:

  • chop and saute in olive oil along with garlic and onions;
  • add one container of broth (chicken or vegetable);
  • add one can of chick peas;
  • add 1/2 cup barley
  • simmer for 30 minutes

Serve alongside warm bread from the bread machine and local Wisconsin cheese.  Yes, I'm ready to embrace another Midwestern fall.  Keep this in mind at the next event you attend, and the host is attempting to dispose of excess food.  What goodness might you be able to turn it into?

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