Saturday, September 28, 2013

Silly Things to Say to a Frugalista

M. Gustafson Gervasi, 2013 -- Hand of 3 year old at Science Festival

Do you have a frugalista or other so-called frugal one in your life? If so, the following questions are likely to draw out a laugh:
  • How much doe this event cost?  An actual question my husband posed to me earlier today when we made plans to check out the Science Festival at the Institute for Discovery on the UW-Madison campus?  I chuckled, shook my head and answered with a question of my own -- what do you think? The answer was no!  Off we went, via bikes for an afternoon of exploration in a state of the art facility.  Search your weekly free newspaper or websites for ideas on events that are free an open to the public.  I did, and that is how we ended up spending less than $7 for an afternoon (we splurged for coffees for mom and dad, and a cookie for the kids);
  • Was that expensive?  Asked by my husband seconds after a coffee mug slipped from his hands and shattered in the kitchen sink?  Really, you know me better than that!  The mug was part of a set I bought in 2006 when we married.  Bought on clearance I got big and small plates along with mugs for just under $20.  Over the years the set has shrunk, but that fact is no big deal. Growing up my husband's mother would order a replacement piece from the vendor when a plate or mug broke.  At our house, when one breaks I pull from the stash I have in our basement.  It was created from trips to Savers and Goodwill and is usually used for parties.  Mismatched bohemian is the theme in my frugal kitchen. I highly recommend it if you are working to save dollars.
  • Should I have thrown that baggy away?  After parking our bikes on campus I pulled out a small cooler with snacks for the family.  Not wanting to spend too much money on food, it was easier and less expensive to raid our fridge before leaving home.  When possible I use tupperware containers, but in this case I had used a plastic baggie to bring along leftover eggs.  Only after tossing the bag did my husband ask this final silly question of the day.  And the answer was no, I wash an reuse them.  Plastic is quite durable.  It's not my go-to portability method, but when used I attempt to stretch every last bit of utility out of it!
Have another sure-fire question to elicit a laugh?  If so, please leave a comment!

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