Tuesday, September 24, 2013

The Pajama Hanger

After a good nights rest our frugal family seeks out the pajama hanger.  At ages five and three our children are well aware of different ways to save money.  There are the big things, such as purchasing a house at half the price the bank said we could afford.  And there are the little things like the pajama hanger.  It's a great way to stretch the use of PJs before the are dropped down the laundry slot.  Nothing causes me to smile more than hearing my five year old explaining reasoning to our three year old.  In the case of the pajamas he'll say: 
  • it saves us money on water because we won't do as much wash
  • it saves money on electricity because we are not using the washer or dryer as much
  • and....it saves money by not buying as much detergent!
And at three she also knows "And it's good for the rain forest!"  Both children love the animals of the rain forest, and we've used that to help them understand why something they may not like actually does something good.  It works well on hot summer days and they want the water hose running for hours -- it would be fun, but not fun for the rain forest (might be a stretch, but it works).

If you are looking for ways to save, consider a Pajama Hanger.  This is not something you'll find on-line or in the store.  Just take one from the closet and put it in the bathroom.  You now have a place to hang your pajamas in the morning, ready for another wearing.  When children are involved you will get far more wears if the pajamas are put up before breakfast (think oatmeal with honey).

And for loyal readers, my apologies for the gap in posts.  My intention had been to post almost daily, and then life happened.   What we thought was a wise and frugal purchase for our children turned into a week of hard decisions.  In the end we are likely going to pay some of what Dave Ramsey calls "stupid tax".  When paying for a service in advance to receive a "discount" I will always remember -- they have your money, and if you are unhappy and leave, then you have to get your money back".  We are in the midst of reworking a very large and important element of the children's lives.  My posts may or may not be more regular, but this development as thrown me into super sonic frugal overdrive.  And I'd love ideas from readers.  My goal is not to simply save, but to simply not spend.  Or at least for a few more months.  And once again we've been reminded that the upside of frugal living is the power of choice.  We have freedom in our careers to start our own businesses, which is wonderful.  And when we reach a point where something is clearly bad for the children, we can walk away and rely on the cushion of savings.  And that is the blessing of a frugal life.  

And now looking ahead, to my favorite time of year - fall.  Enjoy, be well, and thanks for reading.

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