Sunday, October 27, 2013

From Newspapers to Chrysanthemums - Free is Great!

Sunday night - looking back we had several frugal highlights from the past 48 hours.  Today we used foot power to make a trip to both the grocery store and hardware store.  Fresh air, walking for 2 hours straight, a playground stop -- all great for our health and the earth.  The pocketbook damage was minimal -- bread for a dinner party tonight and a few other items, no gas used or wear and tear on a car.  The bonus - a free Sunday newspaper because we spent more than $10.  It's a great way to get Sunday coupons without a subscription.

Earlier in the day we attended services at Prairie UU, and yet again a generous member had a bucket full of perennial plants, free to a good home.  Today I knew I had enough spare time to get them in the ground, so I grabbed two bunches of chrysanthemums for the front yard.  Thanks to the generous members of Prairie, I did not pay a single cent for any flower or perennial vegetable I added to the yard this year.  Looking ahead to the next planting season, I will keep my plant purchases to a minimum -- pansies because they give and give all summer long and right into the fall, vegetable plants for planters, and some geraniums because I adore them so much.  When it comes to perennials I will keep my eyes open for the "free" posts I see on my neighborhood Facebook page, the folks at church, and anyone willing to trade -- some of my endless day lilies for something from their yard.

That's it for tonight, tomorrow I'll be back with frugal highlights from the business front -- I'm frugal at home, and at the office.

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