Friday, October 25, 2013

How To Live With the Thermostat Set at 61 Degrees

Fall 2013 in Wisconsin is turning out to be a bit cooler than normal, just as our summer was.  During the long sunny days of June, July and August we were thrilled to hardly run our A/C.  But the cooler temperatures this Fall have caused us to fire up the furnace earlier than we'd like.  In fact, earlier this week we have snow showers here in Madison.  While the temperatures outside begin to slide, and frosts settle in for the first time of the season, we are not like most households.  Our thermostat is set at 61 degrees when we are home, and when we are not it is set at 58 degrees.  On the web site for our energy company 68 degrees is used to illustrate what people tend to use when home.   All too often people will shake their head and say how to you live like that?  Here is how:

  1. Articulate your desire to save energy and costs.  Setting this as a priority allows you to withstand more than you might imagine;
  2. Open heating vents only in the areas that need heat.  For us that means our finished basement is not heated;
  3. Place a small space heater in bathrooms with baths and/or showers.  There is not need to freeze to death when showering, but there is also no need to crank the heat in the entire house.  Bathrooms tend to be small, and heat up quickly for far less money;
  4. Dress like it is winter, even inside.  Layers, turtle necks, scarves (the kind you wear to work, not sledding), wool socks, long under ware, and key for me.....really warm slippers to insulate your feet from cold flooring;
  5. Maximize solar heat by opening blinds and curtains during the day;
  6. Use your oven -- this is the time of year to bake!  When done, vent the heat into your kitchen by propping the door open; and
  7. Enjoy warm teas at night.
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