Tuesday, October 29, 2013

Trick or Treat? Frugal Halloween Candy

$6.9 billion -- that is the total dollar amount the National Retail Federation expects American to spend on Halloween 2013.  Followers of the blog already know that this frugal household spent less than $15 on costumes for two pre-schoolers.  That was accomplished by visiting our local Savers on a day when everything was 50% off.  And it is not just costumes where we aim to save, our approach to candy will save you some pennies.  The answer -- bulk candy!  At our warehouse grocery store (Woodmans west for you Madison area readers) bulk candy is $1.99 a pound.  This year we were conservative on our selection; last year we did not have a single child ring the bell.  Just in case things improve this year, I wanted a small amount on hand.  Total bill $2.47!  Plus bulk allowed us to select several different types of candy.  And any leftovers will easily mix into the candy dish I keep for clients at my office.  The only vulnerable spot is the easy to open bulk candy bag -- it is a bit easier for my husband's sweet tooth to break into than those large sealed name brand bags.  But I'm willing to risk it, plus there are only a few days to go and we just made our purchase!

How about you?  What is your favorite way to enjoy a frugal Halloween?

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