Wednesday, November 13, 2013

A $100 Holiday?

I love it when life works out !  No, the law suit with the preschool that has become my most recent frugal muse is still "developing".  No resolution there.  But sometimes simple things occur that makes life feel like is is unfolding nicely.  Such a situation happened this past Sunday at my Book Club With a Twist (a great frugal way to run a book club by the way).

Gathered around a conference table with coffee and treats at Madison's recently remodeled Central Library, a fellow member set out a copy of Bill McKibben's Hundred Dollar Holiday: The case for a more joyful holiday.  It was a book I had requested from the library, but never got to before the due date arrived.  My intention had been to re-request it the following week.  Based on her comments, I'll be leaving it at the library.

One message jumped off the page for her, and according to her it is one that pops up her on Frugal Upside.  Essentially, time is more valuable than stuff -- focus on experiences, time together, creating memories, and not so much on the tangible items available at big box stores or Amazon Prime.  From there the book was a let down.  Considering the author has another book titled The End of Nature, one would have thought the book would offer more on the environmental impact of "stuff".  Not the case.

Moreover, the joy referenced in the title is highly Christian.  The main tips offered by McKibben would resonate with church goers, but not so much with a more secular crowd.  So it is not a book I plan to look at any more closely.  I already know that I get more value from experiences than I do "stuff".  We'll have some presents under the tree, but will place great attention and detail to the time we spend together this holiday season.  For now I'll look for inspiration on a less material holiday in other sources -- and if you have an idea to offer, please leave a comment!

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