Tuesday, November 26, 2013

Running Errands, Literally

Want to live a frugal life?  An easy way to meet your goal is to literally run your errands, or at least walk them.  Over the weekend we needed to restock the childrens' medicine supply, from Ibuprofen to nasal spray, our reserves were running low.  Facing the combined storm of preschool germs and the upcoming Thanksgiving vacation / shopping bonanza, I wanted to re-stock now.  So my husband turned his normal evening run into running errands.  Off he went with his Target Red Card (the debit one, not credit) and headed to our neighborhood Target.  By far they have the best prices on off-brand medicines.

Not a runner or only a fair weather runner?  Don't let the long nights and falling temperatures force you to drive an errand you could otherwise walk.  Tonight I bundled up and walked to our library.  One DVD was overdue and I had a stack of materials to pick up.  I ditched my plan to drive to the gym and swim, and instead crossed an item off of tomorrow's to-do list and used my foot power.  I must say that a balaclava is key to surviving the frigid weather (it felt like 6 degrees F).  But I'm glad I did.  It was a nice long walk.  I didn't use gasoline.  And I enjoyed the pleasantness that is a wintry night walk.

So as we launch into the season of winter, challenge yourself to do one errand on foot or by bike.  You'll burn some calories, save gas, and walk a bit more gently on planet Earth!

Hmmmm, the cable to move photos from my phone to the blog is still missing.  I'll borrow my husband's when I can, and post a pic from my night walk later on.  If you have a photo from a wintery errand via foot, feel free to share and inspire......post it on my The Upside of Frugal Facebook page!

Found it!!!  Here is a picture from my cold wintry walk to the library, note the faint hint of my shadow.

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  1. Love it! I don't do this as often as I should, but it is SO much easier to exercise if I do it on my way somewhere. Then I can feel clever and frugal ;)