Sunday, November 10, 2013

We Went to the Mall!

Yes, you read the headline correctly.  Over the weekend this self-declared frugal family made a trip to our local shopping mall.  It was the big one -- anchor stores and all.  Why an act so far outside our norm? Simple, it is the only place that has a Build a Bear Store.  Readers may remember last February when a holiday gift card to the store drew us in.  Since then one of the bears, a jaguar technically, has been loved so much his stitching came loose.  And to my delight, a call to the store confirmed they would fix him at NO CHARGE.  So off we went on a Saturday afternoon.  And I am happy to report we did not spend one cent in that mall.  Not one, not even a coffee or treat.  We did stop at the sporting goods store on the way out to feed my husband's curiosity in shot-guns.  Those who know him will gasp, but it is what happens when an engineer lives in an area that has had a huge spike in break-ins.

Our only purchase that day was made at the SAVERS behind the mall.  There I selected a much needed winter coat for work.  With my 20% off coupon, the total bill was $12.66.  It is a lovely deep purple, and will work splendidly as the winter winds blow into Wisconsin.

Sunday ended on an frugal educational note.  As my daughter bathed and my husband went for a run, I pulled out the hair scissors and trimmed my 5 year old's hair on the bathroom counter.  With the exception of a nip to my finger, it was an easy project.  And I thanked my son in a language he could understand -- the home hair cut, done at a time when no inexpensive salon would be open, saved us the money equivalent to a new LEGO set.  It's never too early to start associating stuff with cost and cost with work.  He understands he is not getting a set, but rather that the home project was worth that amount of money (I'd estimate $20).

And so there you have it, a frugal weekend in our home.  There were a few treats, a coffee and dessert bought at my book club meeting.  But life needs some perks.  And stay tuned, later this week I'll blog about a book another reader read that I had intended to read, but after hearing her account am glad I skipped it. The topic -- having a $100 Christmas.

Jaguar, officially Purple Jaguar, who joined us on our family trip to Washington, D.C. back in April of this year.  

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