Monday, December 2, 2013

Frugal From The Roof to Freezer

Thanksgiving marks the time of year when I begin to pull from the chest freezer in the garage.  It holds a lovely supply of local fruits and veggies, procured during the plentiful growing season life in Wisconsin has to offer.  Most recently, blueberries were poured out to thaw.  Poured because I froze each one individually on a tray -- it worked wonderfully.  Easy to get the portion I wanted, and not one huge mass clump!

And Sunday we took to the roof.  Using our leaf blower we attempted to clear the gutters knowing if they are too clogged in Spring we'll increase our chances of water in the basement.  Previously we'd hired a company to do this for us, this year we followed their lead of the leaf blower and saved the fee.

As I pointed out how we were reducing the risk of a Spring flood (happened in 2010, right after we bought the house and costs several thousand in repairs) my frugal husband pointed out that it will also decrease the chance of a roof dam.  And then added, but our risk is already low because those are fueled by heat escaping through the roof, and we keep the heat so low!  Yes, it hovers around 60 degrees inside -- another motivator to keep the thermostat low, it may decrease your chance of a roof dam.

Enjoy the week ahead, and keep up the frugal ways during this chaotic and often expensive time of year!

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