Monday, December 9, 2013

Frugal in the Snow

Wisconsin received its first major snow fall yesterday.  I have not checked to see the final amount, but likely between 3 and 5 inches.  And unlike many of my fellow Wisconsinites, I did not use a snow blower to remove the snow.  I refuse to spend between a few hundred to thousands of dollars on a machine that is used at most 12 times a year (or as few as  1 or 2) and takes up precious garage space from mid-April to early December.  No, I just cannot spend the money.  Life without owning a snow blower is possible!  Keep in mind:

  • during large accumulations, shovel 2 or 3 times if possible.  This makes the amount you are moving more manageable;
  • it's a great reason to get outside and move during the winter months -- along the same lines as "if you own a dog you'll walk daily, which is good for you".  In my mind shoveling is the same idea;
  • some winters you may not need it much if at all;
  • some snows are too heavy for the machine to work;
  • machines require gas, maintenance, storage;
  • think community -- can you borrow a snow blower?  
In the past I have been blessed by the kind heart of a neighbor.   When mother nature has dropped a large amount of snow, he kindly takes care of our walk.  In exchange I bake for him.  It is a nice balance in life.  Now I know that shoveling does not fit into everyone's life.  But it does mine, and so I embrace the cold weather workout and love not spending money on a machine.  Check back in April, my tune may have changed if we get a ton of snow this year......

Included in this shot is my neighbor, taking care of his walk.  And our bird feeding station.  Seed is great, as are toddler scraps of bread with peanut butter, cereal, cheese, and other scraps that missed their mouths and hit the floor.  We'll have some happy birds this year!

Thanks for reading, and know I love reading your frugal comments.

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