Thursday, December 26, 2013

It Was a Frugal and Joyous Christmas

Think a frugal life means a less than joyous Christmas?  If so, think again.  Our frugal family remained frugal for the holiday, and had two joy filled days.  Two restaurant meals, one out on Christmas Eve and another take-out for lunch on Christmas Day (Indian buffet lunch after a huge home cooked breakfast and before a traditional dinner) made the Chef's duties a bit easier to handle.  Here are a few frugal highlights from our holiday:

  1. Include home cooked meals with an emphasis on fruit and vegetables (strawberries frozen last summer for the pancakes, coconut macaroon cookies, green bean casserole, mashed potatoes, etc.).  
  2. Cook and bake with the compost bucket nearby.....winter in Wisconsin does not stop me from making weekly treks to the compost pile out pack.  I just make an effort to include lots of brown paper discards for organic balance.
  3. Use gift bags, which can give and give, year after year.
  4. Store holiday cards to be used for homemade ornaments or cards next year.
  5. Shop online with Amazon Prime.  One morning in mid-December I logged on at 5am.  One hour later my shopping (and for my mother who was to ill to shop for the kids) was complete.  Everything arrived on my doorstep 2 days later.  And with Prime there is no shipping fee. 
  6. Direct cardboard, brown wrap, and any plain paper products to compost if possible.  If not, store for future mailing material.
  7. Spend as much time in your PJs as possible.  If you are home, in PJs, chances are you are not out shopping and running up a bill.
And those are a few of the ways our family enjoyed the holiday, but did not spend an amount that will have us fearful in January and February, when credit card bills from this time period come due.

Happy Holidays -- Author and daughter whipping up a batch of coconut macaroons!

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  1. Sweet picture of you and your little girl!!! And I embrace ALL those frugal holiday moves (especially the online shopping).