Saturday, December 28, 2013

Madison's Free Zoo: A Frugal Afternoon at Henry Vilas Zoo

Kids are off from school.  The temperature hit a balmy 37 degrees in Madison today.  What better place to take enjoy some outdoor time than at our local free zoo.  There are approximately a dozen free zoos in the United States, and to our delight one is just a few miles from home, located in the heart of the city.   Winter is always my favorite time of year to visit Henry Vilas as it is rarely crowded, even on a day like today.

During warmer seasons there is ample seating for a picnic lunch.  And in colder seasons, it makes for a make-shift climbing structure.

There are several indoor attractions, which provide warmth as you visit the outdoor habitats.  A favorite of ours is the home of the snakes.  Lots of education material around to read....assuming your glasses do not fog over when you walk in (mine did).

Hands on learning for kids with energy.

And more to catch the children's attention

And in the visitor's center one can find interesting displays.  A favorite of ours involves model trains.

In the future we hope to check out some of the other free zoos.  For now we are very content with what is offered here in the heart of Madison.

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