Tuesday, December 31, 2013

Good-bye to 2013 and Dairy!

Good-bye 2013, and hello 2014!  Another year draws to a close.  We've had a quiet and frugal day at home.  My husband is off working for a client -- when you are both self-employed you enjoy client projects even if they fall on a holiday.  While he is away, in the land of software engineering, we are home.  The main focuses was baking.  Specifically baking dairy free.

Over the past week we discovered that our daughters out-of-control eczema is likely the result of a dairy intolerance or allergy.  She is now "dairy free" for two weeks.  Alarming given that she has lived most of her three and a half years on cows milk products: yogurt, milk, cheese, butter.  But determined to make the pain stop, she has declared no more milk & cheese.  Embracing this frugal move, I've been experimenting with replacing oils for butter, soy milk for cows milk, etc.  The year ahead may offer some interesting new recipes.  We'll see a reduction in our grocery bill - cows milk products, especially organic varieties, are pricey.  But we'll likely see a drop in our consumption of medical interventions.  From expensive lotions and prescription creams to doctor visits -- it adds up.  And directs precious free time can now be spent on puzzles and playing in the snow.

Now I'm off to enjoy a kid's video, free from our library, with the kids.  And then we'll all head to a preschool friend's home for a kids New Years gathering.  Our contribution will be some tasty dairy-free cookies (we sampled some this afternoon, check it out).

Enjoy your New Years celebration, and thanks for reading.


  1. For a minute I read "Diary Free" and thought -- oh no! you're stopping blogging! So Dairy free seemed like a relief! :)
    Happy happy New Year to all!

    1. Glad it wasn't a typo.....I was posting with the kids underfoot! I hope to blog more in 2014. We'll see what life actually holds.

  2. Catching up on reading my favorite blogs, and just got to this post. hope your dairy-free efforts are going OK and that you will see results soon. Don't forget about almond milk and coconut milk as alternatives in some circumstances. :) Hope we can have coffee soon!