Monday, January 6, 2014

2nd Life for Toys

Our frugal home has been invaded by ponies, specifically a herd of My Little Pony dolls.  From none to fourteen, practically over night.  Never a fan of toys that are overtly boyish or girlish, the ponies were not acquired by yours truly.  The first three or four came as gifts for her birthday or Christmas.  And then on that visit to a great aunt's house that I mentioned yesterday, her herd expanded due to the generosity of an eleven year old cousin who has outgrown My Little Pony.  Oh, and it is not just the ponies and their accessories, the cousin also passed along a Pony Palace.  I am delighted to give these toys a second life, even if I am not the biggest fan of the dolls.  And it has inspired my daughter to consider passing along some of her baby toys -- clearing out clutter will do wonders for our house!  It is frugality at its best.

One draw back, we are not just raising a daughter who loves her My Little Pony.  Apparently we have a son who is a Brony (males who embrace the show and dolls as well, and tend to work as software engineers) -- purple is his favorite color.  And so there you have it, two kids, fourteen ponies for free, and one frugal Mama brokering a peace agreement on which child the purple and blue pony (I forget her name, Diamond something-or-other) would bed with tonight.  And given that the thermostat is set at 60 degrees and a polar vortex as descended on my great city of Madison, Wisconsin, all the more warmth at night the better.  For the record, my son said "fine, she can have it at bed (she had been throwing a fit)......and then I get it during the day".  Well played negotiation my little Brony Man -- daytime is when the pony fun happens.

Frugal take-away -- embrace discards from others, pay it forward, and know that it is possible to live with an indoor temperature of 60 degrees.

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  1. My girl and I had many many hours of roleplaying with her MLP set (which she doesn't play with any more but says she will keep forever)! Her pony characters in the game were mostly girls who went to school together (this was before she started school mostly) and had adventures, not so bad after all. :D