Sunday, January 5, 2014

Frugal Notes on this Sunday

It's Sunday in our frugal home, and that breaks down as follows.  Since I was signed up to preside at our UU church service, I went off to church while my husband stayed home with the children.  The move conserves our energy by allowing them to play with their toys in their PJs rather than bundle up, buckle up and pile into the car.  On the periphery at home, while they play, my husband completes the 4th quarter payroll taxes for our businesses.  Yes, we do those ourselves. We attempted to outsource it twice, both times huge math errors were made by professionals.  We bought the software, figured out a system, had a CPA bless it, and now do it ourselves.  The saves were substantial, and the math errors nonexistent.

Once the church service was over, I made a quick stop at Trader Joes for the items I know they are well priced on: peanut butter, nuts, spaghetti sauce, and multi-grain pancake mix.  In and out in under 20 minutes since I was flying solo and it was basically on the way home.

Back home I put my indulgence, flowers, in a vase (one my mother no longer wanted) while listening to Wisconsin Public Radio (it's free) on my $6.50 radio purchased at Savers.  And those clippings to the left have already made their way to the compost bin.

While I type the children are enjoying a rare few hours at a great-aunt's house while my husband gets in a workout before turning to his writing this afternoon.  Efficient use of time, free child care, and a deepening bond with family.

And that is what frugal looks like, at least in our home.  Happy Sunday to you all, and now I am going to tackle some work emails while the house is quite.  I am loosing a few hours of work tomorrow because the deep freeze descending on us has closed schools.  Assuming the sitter's car starts, I will get four hours to work at home -- thank goodness for home offices!

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