Saturday, January 11, 2014

Frugal Travel -- Analysis Time for Us

Amsterdam 1

Amsterdam in August?  And so begins the frugal analysis that is bound to occupy the next few weeks or months.  An opportunity has been dropped in our laps -- free airfare and lodging for my husband to attend a professional conference.  Costs would cover lodging for the entire family, enticing us even more.  Many might say, why not, sign us up.  But here we are committed to analyzing our expenditures.  Remember, free does not necessarily mean frugal.

Factors we'll consider in making this decision include:

  • price of airfare for myself and the kids;
  • loss of work on my part (self-employed means no paid vacation, but I do have an associate these it should not mean a complete shut down at the office);
  • whether the location offers things that are a priority for us.  This is a very strong factor as our current plan was first Seattle then Costa Rica for vacations.  Why bump those just because we have some free elements of a trip;
  • can we use the hotel stipend to rent an apartment or condo instead -- hotels with small kids and food restrictions (forcing you to eat out more) is a huge limitation; and
  • the cost of activities and attractions.  A free ticket to an expensive local is not really a frugal decision.
Travel has been infrequent in our lives the past six years, ever since becoming parents.  For seasoned frugal travelers, comments on how to make travel happen are welcomed with open arms.  Thanks for reading, and enjoy the weekend!

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