Thursday, January 2, 2014

Math at the Post Office.....

Today I took a nice walking lunch break at the office.  First stop, the small post office branch to drop some books in the mail (I gave 10 away as part of a Goodreads promotion).  While there I took a second to ask the clerk are there any rate increases coming?  To which he said, yes from $0.46 to $0.49 for a first-class letter, starts on the 26th.  Immediately I made a mental note -- buy 2,000 Forever stamps before January 26th!  Why?  My office does a mailing twice a year, once in the Spring and again in the Fall.  I send it out via US mail to just over 2,000 households.  Buying the stamps before the 26th of January will save me $60 on the Spring project.  Not enough to break the bank, but I'm in frugal mode this year, so postage savings it will be!

Afterwards I walked over to the local grocery and picked up a few items from the meat department -- all on special, and will use them to round out the foods I already had on hand, mainly grains and veggies. All in all it was a 45 minute walk, accomplishing errands via foot, no car or gas needed.

Upon returning home at the end of the school/work day, we found that my husband had turned the heat down while we were gone.....down to 52 degrees.  And it was just that, 52 degrees in the house when we returned just before 5pm.  As we watch the forecast for next week we wonder......will the furnace hold out?  It is already past its life expectancy.  Wanting to minimize the electric/gas bill as much as possible we are going to rather extreme measures to reduce energy output.....and our three cats did not seem that happy about it!

How did you save today?

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