Thursday, January 9, 2014

Soup's On!

As we slog our way through a dark, cold, and very traditional Wisconsin winter, soup is making a frequent appearance at the dinner table.  Why?

  • It's relatively easy -- tonight's was prepared with the assistance of my three-and-a-half year old, which means it must be easy;
  • It's healthy -- lots of room for veggies and grains;
  • It's a low-cost meal -- broth, seasoning, beans, veggies, and some meat if you so desire.  Literally costs less than a $1 a bowl;
  • It goes well with leftovers -- minimizing waste in the kitchen; and
  • It's quick.  Maybe that is the same as easy, but it's worth underscoring.  
Here are a few of our current favorites:
  • Split pea (does take longer than most)
  • Chicken, Veggies and Chick Peas;
  • Ginger lentil; and
  • Black bean.
As I work my way through the freezer full of local veggies I froze back in the summer and fall, I am delighted to have soups to toss them into.  One road block -- we are aiming for dairy free meals, which puts a hold on things like Cream of Asparagus soup.  I wonder how it might taste with a dairy substitute?  Our little one's eczema was on the road to recovery, but an accidental snack of dairy yogurt (my husband thought it was her dairy free option, but was mistaken) has brought the red inflamed skin back -- and sleepless nights follow (I got more sleep when she was a newborn!). Anyone with suggestions on creamy soups without real cream, leave a comment!  I have oodles of asparagus waiting in the freezer.

Thanks for reading, and frugal on!

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