Wednesday, January 1, 2014

Starting 2014 With Frugal Home Cooked Meals!

Welcome 2014!  We had quite the frugal day at home.  Not a penny spent.  All three meals from my frugal kitchen, making the most of goodies from the freezer.  Breakfast featured chocolate chip buckwheat pancakes topped with berries I froze last summer.

Lunch was a treat of steak, eggs, pear slices and corn muffins from last nights' meal with friends.  The beef tenderloin is from the stash I built up on a fall trip to UW Provisions -- a wholesaler for meat and other goods to restaurants and the public alike.

And dinner was inspired by a bag from the freezer (remember this post on wine ice cubes?) and a French slow cooker cookbook.

Into the crock pot went various local frozen veggies, the leftover red wine, vegetable broth, and stew beef.  After 8 hours I paired with Trader Joe's rice blend, and am eating while I blog.

Lots of local foods, fresh from my freezer.  Making the most out of items on hand.  No gas used for trips to the store.  No deliveries.  Simple, healthy, and very frugal.  Hopefully your first day of 2014 was equally enjoyable.  

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