Wednesday, February 12, 2014

From Yoda to Pie Pops -- Frugal Living It Is!

Yoda -- he is not a character I have learned much about in my forty years of life.  A fact of life that has changed in recent days as our son has fallen in love with a Star Wars movie.  My knowledge of the series so lacking that I cannot even tell you which one, but it is the one with the "Young Annikan".  When pressed by our son to name my favorite character, I went with Yoda.  Selected by the fact I simply felt like how Yoda looked.

A stomach virus made my body its winter home as of Saturday evening, and I spent nearly four days as sick as I had ever been.  Thus the reason I was watching a Star Wars movie mid week with my son.  Toss into the mix my mother is now in out-patient hospice, Yoda really seemed to be a reflection of myself.

And then tonight as we read from our son's Lego Magazines, as we do every night, we stumbled across mention of a set called "Yoda's Hut" and to my amazement I read that Yoda led a frugal life in his hut.  Doubt me?  Here is a quote about the set (there is an entire universe of web sites, YouTube reviews, etc. devoted to Lego Star Wars!):
Yoda led a very frugal existence and the pleasure would be in little details rather than something with too much artistic licence.
Yes, Yoda you are my favorite of the Star Wars characters - find pleasure in the little details.  Less is more. I look forward to learning more about you over the years as our son's love for the series grows.  Gems of frugal advice hidden in all those action scenes!

And for those looking for a homemade Valentine treat here is an idea - Pie Pops.  In my feverish haze today I watched Daytime TV, something that rarely if ever occurs.  Shocked at what constitutes entertainment I was pleasantly surprised by a cooking segment. I am inspired to give these a try, but modified for another holiday when I have my strength back (today I actually ate food -- chicken soup, for breakfast, lunch and dinner).  Here are some basic instructions:

  • make (or buy) a pie crust;
  • use cookie cutters to cut out hearts or other shapes;
  • one one push down a lollipop stick;
  • lather on egg paste (assume internet search will give specifics)
  • brush on jam;
  • layer another pie crust cut out on top;
  • cinch sides, lather and spring with sugar;
  • bake at pie temperature -- probably for about 10 minutes.
They looked fun, tasty and relatively easy.  But then again, I've had a fever for seveal days and cannot stomach coffee, unheard for me, so my judgement may be off.  If you try it out, let me know how it goes.

Life is a bit more calm now, and hopefully my posts will be more regular!

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