Thursday, February 27, 2014

Frugal Move of the Day: On-line Banking

Looking to up your "frugal" for the day or week?  Consider the full array of on-line banking options.  Case in point, I want to send a check to the cat sitter who has taken in my mom's cats.  No more looking for my checkbook, wondering if there are checks or do I need to order more.  No more finding an envelope, stamp, and return address sticker.  No trip to the post office (I don't mail from home because of check washing scandals).  Instead I log on to my credit union web site, select the account the money should come from, click on her name in my address book, and hit send.  The credit union will cover the cost of postage, supply an envelope, and I do not need to use any of the free box of checks I get once a year.

May not sound like a huge savings, but day in and day out the little things add up.  I use the approach for more and more of my bill payments both at home and the office.  I have yet to deposit a check with my Smartphone, but give me time.  Any way I can cut out unneeded drives the the bank, I do.

Have a great frugal week, and thanks for reading.

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