Thursday, February 13, 2014

Frugal Sandwich Bag

The rage in kids lunches these days, and thus adult lunches, are these nifty reusable sandwich bags.  You've seen them on display -- bright colors, fun designs.  They fold up, snap with Velcro, and wash easily.  No more plastic bags to buy and toss (or wash if you are frugal).  When the school year started I bought two for each child.  The cost was about $20 -- but hey, no more plastic baggies to wash out or toss when torn.

Loyal readers know the initial school we started the year with did not go well.  Thirteen days there before we started anew (and the tuition litigation continues, they let their attorney go, hired another and asked for a continuance).  So when this frugal Mama started taking English Muffin sandwiches to work, my frugal overdrive was in full-force.  I was not going to spend another $20 on those reusable bags.  Inspiration hit one morning after reading a Little House on the Prairie book -- Just use a cloth napkin!  And so I do. Purchased used from a thrift store, the cost is less than $1.  But I use the ample supply we already have on hand.  If I were a crafty frugal Mama, which I am not, I'd probably stitch up the sides and add Velcro.  My 1800s approach works just fine.

Step One:

Step Two:

No need to purchase or drive to a store.  No new materials used or shipped.  It's good for the earth, wallet, and body!  Happy frugal living.

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